Sponsors and Partners

Monarch Teacher Network of Canada workshops are generously supported by multiple organizations and foundations. Through this support, MTN of Canada has been able to expand the program to include Creating Monarch Friendly Habitat and Voices from the Land workshops.

To know MTN of Canada is to know its supporters!

Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) is one of Canada's largest providers of outdoor and experiential education.  We have a rich, 50-year history in education that reaches learners of all ages, engaging more than 180,000 students of all ages every year.  Our commitment to providing life-long learning programs which develop creative problem-solving skills, build environmental literacy, and foster a commitment to action, is just one of the ways TRCA contributes to cultivating sustainable communities, and an informed, involved citizenry.


The W. Garfield Weston Foundation

The W. Garfield Weston Foundation has generously supported MTN workshops in Canada since 2005. Their vision for creating a truly national network inspired the first Canadian workshop outside of Ontario, held in Winnipeg, Manitoba in July of 2006. They encouraged further partnership building, bringing Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) and Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) to the conversation, fostering MTN's continued growth in Canada. Their generosity has also ensured that countless workshop graduates have had the opportunity to travel to Monarch overwintering grounds, deepening their passion, commitment, and desire to educate others about the Monarch's story.


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The Living City Foundation is a registered charity that supports the work of Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA).  We are working to build The Living City in partnership with Toronto and Region Conservation.  

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TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) have been sponsoring environmental initiatives since 1990. We were very pleased to have TD FEF support educator participation at four workshops during the summer of 2013, as well as support Monarch habitat creation and/or enhancement projects in these locations. Our thanks for sponsorship in the Ontario cities of Port Rowan, South Mountain, Thunder Bay and Toronto.

For the 2014 workshop season, we are thrilled to be able to send each participant from our Teaching & Learning with Monarch Butterflies workshops home with a reusable bag from TD FEF, which features an image of a Monarch butterfly and aligns perfectly with our message of conservation of this important species.


Regional Sponsors:

See the workshop descriptions for information about regional sponsors in your area.


  Sponsors and Partners
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