Scientific Collector's Authorization

Monarch Butterflies

In Ontario, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) regulates the collection, transportation, rearing, and/or release of any wildlife species scheduled in the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. As a scheduled wildlife species, the Monarch butterfly is protected under this Act; to conduct activities that involve the collection, rearing, and/or releasing of Monarchs, special permission must be obtained from the MNRF by applying for a Wildlife Scientific Collector's Authorization (WSCA), and complying with any terms of approval.

MTN of Canada is supportive of any legislation which seeks to protect our wildlife and are happy to encourage our graduates in educating others about the value and importance of such laws. Through the MTN of Canada workshops, our participants acquire both the knowledge and training to become skilled at rearing, tagging, and releasing Monarch butterflies, and this is recognized by the MNRF to the extent that our workshop graduates are eligible to be included on the WSCA issued to TRCA.

TRCA's Authorization will allow teachers to capture/raise and or/release up to 20 Monarchs in total per classroom, as per the handling and care procedures outlined in the Animal Care and Handling Protocol, and capture and tag for immediate release an unlimited number of adult Monarch butterflies. Graduates that accept these terms and conditions and wish to be included on TRCA's Authorization are invited to register/renew annually.

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